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Food Funded
Food Funded

Market Size

Small farmers grow between 60 and 70% of the food we eat and independent owner/operator truckers move 90% of that production yet, they make the least profits.

Sixteen percent of the world population relies on food grown elsewhere. Clearly, developed countries with high population and economic power drive food imports. For example, the United States last year imported more than $136 billion fresh food most of which came from the over 19 million farmers in Latin America.

Business Model

Food supply Chain transacts more than nine billion orders every year generating over $1.2 trillion dollars in revenue. By 2019 it is expected to grow to over two trillion dollars and world population expected to increase to 9 billion.

Unlike our competitors that charge licensing fees or percentages of the orders, we charge a flat fee for each transaction

  • Farmers pay a flat fee for each order that ships​
  • Buyers pay for each order transacted​
  • Truckers pay for each load received​

EHH Token

The EHH token is our preferred currency. Customers will be able to use our cryptocurrency to pay for eHarvestHub services and pay for P2P transactions. Clients will first be introduced to paying for eHarvestHub services to help them transition from their local fiat to our token. Our data collection can prove valuable to third parties such as banking institutions insurance providers among others who whish to extend credit or offer their services to our client base. Third parties will be required to use our cryptocurrency to access such data.

The projected used of our token helps support a healthy supply and demand of the EHH token.

It will always be more cost effective for our customers to pay with an EHH token than fiat. We make sure of this by offering customers a discount of the total cost of service when paid with EHH tokens​.

PreICO and ICO contributors will be able to list their tokens on our platform and sell directly to our customers. They will be able to list their tokens on the exchange we select to list our token. eHarvestHub will never sell tokens to its customers.​


Without Blockchain

Small farmers record farm data with pen and paper or at best on an expensive and complicated centralized platform where it can’t be shared with outside parties requiring the need of third parties to verify food safety records, production volumes and quality.​

Traceability and transparency – is limited to one-step- one-step-backward forward one-step-forward and multiple layers of middlemen makes for a broken chain of custody difficult to identify.

Food Waste costs the industry nearly one trillion dollars annually because transactions take longer, affecting quality and increasing spoilage. Fraudulent food labeling is difficult to prevent and identify as product from less desirable source an be added to safe product as it moves through the supply chain.

Unenforceable contracts cause price extortion and delayed payments for small farmers and truckers. Multiple layers of middlemen and currency fluctuations can unnecessarily create or increase costs.​


Blockchain date and location timestamping provide full transparency and the distributed ledger makes fraudulent food labeling easier to prevent as data is readably accessible to the any network participant.

Smart contracts help coordinate and bring consensus among farmers, buyers and carriers on prices, and delivery times and ensure farmers and truckers get paid as soon as they have met their contract obligations.​

Blockchain shared economy enables peer-to-peer payments adding pricing transparency between farmers, carries and the marketplace. This decentralization helps lower the cost of transportation while the trucker can still make more money per delivery.​

As 60 percent of the world food production is exported our eHH Token further reduces the cost of cross boarder payments.​


More than 450 million small farmers produce 60 to 70 percent of the food we eat and twenty of the developed countries purchased over 60 percent of the world’s food production. Yet, small farmers and the independent truckers who move our food make the least amount of money while consumers pay high prices at the grocery store. Consumers have little or no transparency to where their food comes from. Layers of middlemen control the food supply chain just because they can aggregate and arrange transport of our food, leaving farmers and truckers isolated from the global food economy. Middlemen and the big food conglomerates have a tight grip on our food supply.


eHarvestHub decentralized Fresh Food Marketplace enables small farmers to sell directly to grocers from around the world. Creating efficiency by hiring truckers directly by the farmer or grocer. Farmers get paid higher prices, truckers make more money while transportation is less expensive and grocers can provide consumers with true food transparency.

Powered by Blockchain technology third parties are no longer needed to negotiate prices and agree on transportation. With our cryptocurrency, Farmers and truckers can be paid fasters. We are giving the control of our food supply chain back to the consumer. Through our platform consumers not only will they have full transparency of their food origin but will get to how much farmers and truckers get paid. Consumers will be able to invest in farmers anywhere in the world. Big Food Corporations will no longer control our food supply.


  • Age of Discovery

    Nov 2011 – Jul 2012

    Age of Discovery

    Customer Discovery
    Business Plan created
    Team assembled
    Advisory Board created
    eHarvestHub becomes a Delaware C Corp.

  • PTI Traceability

    Jan 2013 – Dec 2014

    PTI Traceability

    Traceability MVP soft launch
    Version 2 of MVP Released (2014)
    Version 1 of Order Management System(OMS)
    Raise $87,000 Friends & Family Round
    Win 1st place at 11 pitch competitions including, Google NEXT, Silicon Valley Startup & FoodIT

  • The farm tools

    Jan 2015 - Oct 2015

    The farm tools

    Release V2 Order Management System
    Farmers tracked more than 4 million cases of fresh produce
    Win 1st Place at PUSHTECH 2020 and the industries Produce Marketing Association (PMA), SARTA AgTech and San Francisco Shark Tank, pitch competitions

  • $ 1 million in VC funding

    Nov 2015 - Mar 2016

    $ 1 million in VC funding

    Closed $1Million from Tim Draper’s Ventures Lab & Kaiwu Capital Begun development of Marketplace, Transportation platform and Inventory Management System (IMS)

  • Engineering Talent

    Jul 2016

    Engineering Talent

    Partnered with Universidad Americana de Managua (UAM) and Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (UNI) in Nicaragua to carry out a weekend hackathon to find our awesome development team

  • MarketPlace done!

    Dec 2016

    MarketPlace done!

    Marketplace and Inventory Management System are Completed and released

  • Transportation done!

    Jan 2017

    Transportation done!

    eHarvestHaul platform completed and released

  • Blockchain Traceability

    Nov 2017 - April 2018

    Blockchain Traceability

    Commence Blockchain traceability development and test in Nicaraguan Pilot. Blockchain Traceability will connect the consumer directly to the Farmer

  • Pre-ICO

    May 6 to 19


    Our bonus structure reflects how important you are to us.

  • ICO Event

    May 2018

    ICO Event

    ICO tentatively will start May 27th 2018. We expect to sale approximately 30 million EHH tokens

  • EHH Token in Circulation

    June 2018

    EHH Token in Circulation

    Token marketplace platform to be completed. Token contributors will be able to list and directly sale EHH tokens to eHarvestHub customers. Customers will begin to pay eHarvestHub for services creating demand for tokens to be sold. 3rd Parties will be able to pay eHarvestHub with EHH tokens for access to market to its members.

  • 150,000 Transaction

    Dec 2018

    150,000 Transaction

    California Farmers generate 150,000 transaction through eHarvestHub.

  • EHH Token used P2P

    Jan 2019

    EHH Token used P2P

    Customers will begin using EHH Token to pay for products and services offered in eHarvestHub Marketplace.

Token CrowdSale Details

HARDCAP $15,000,000 USD



Description Quantity Percentage
Maximum EHH Tokens 125,999,950 100%
ICO (all events) 75,744,444 60.11%
For Company Use 17,850,340 14.17%
For Advisors 5,902,510 4.68%
Customer Reward Program 7,955,000 6.31%
Marketing 4,290,610 3.41%
Bounty 4,250,000 3.37%
Reserves 10,007,046 7.94%


Start Date: MAY 6th 12:01 AM UTC 2018

End Date: MAY 19th 11:59 PM UTC 2018

Bonus Payout

First 12 Hours 30%
6 - 12 May 20%
13 - 19 May 15%

Our Team

Alvaro Ramirez

Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Is the founder and CEO of eHarvestHub, serving on the Board of Directors and Executive staff. An inspired entrepreneur and passionate leader, eHarvestHub is the latest achievement in his 20-plus years of building businesses, engaging employees and serving customers and clients.

Alvaro’s first experiences were forged in Nicaraguan war zones. At the age of 12 worked for his friend’s dad harvesting potatoes during the summer. From ages 13 to 14 worked loading his older brother Carlos’ truck with 100 pound sacks of fresh produce and coffee to be delivered to the produce terminal and coffee mills until at just 15 years of age, his parents made the difficult decision to send Alvaro to the United States instead of seeing him drafted as a soldier for the communist regime. In the U.S. Alvaro lived with two older brothers, one of whom left high school to work and provide for his younger brother. These deep and resonant experiences shaped him to be industrious, resourceful — a leader — and it is what drives him to respond to challenges and deliver meaningful products and services to market, as well as to bring positive change to the world around him.

Alvaro found eHarvestHub, a set of tools that connect small farmers to retail buyers and carriers — the Uber of local food — and a marketplace that will change how that food reaches our tables.  Alvaro currently lives in Discovery Bay California surrounded by some of eHarvestHub Sweet Corn Farms. In his free time, Alvaro is either coaching his kids’ basketball or soccer team or reading and hiking.

Francisco Rojas

Head of Sales and Marketing

Is Head of Sales & Operations, with over 20 years of experience delivering technology and business solutions to clients in the US and Latin America in different sectors including retail, finance and insurance. His experience has successfully help clients bridge multicultural teams, develop alliances and explore new markets. To date Francisco has inspired teams of up to 300 and created innovated business models and social media solutions to add value to his clients. Francisco holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he is passionate about web based technologies and disruptive innovation. Born in Sabana de Occidente Colombia, Francisco is fluent in Spanish and English. He currently resides in Santa Cruz California and when he is not helping clients you will find Francisco investing time in his family.

Quency Phillips

Marketing and Public Relations

Leads our Marketing and Public Relations efforts. On his own he is a renowned author, visionary and speaker, Quency has been building brands and cultivating communities for over 15 years and he is passionate about creating positive social impact. He brings his strong relationships and recognition for brand innovation in sports, philanthropy and not-for-profits experience and has established relationships with the top names in national sports including NBA, WNBA and NFL. As a partner in Persimmun – a philanthropic organization helping to change the face of the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley – Quency has cemented his legacy as a man leading life of Social Good.

His vast experience managing multi-million dollar budgets for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, orhandling product launches and marketing campaigns strengthen by his passion as the brandAmbassador for the country of Bermuda to help youth organizations makes Quency the rightperson lead eHarvestHub’s message of Social Impact Economy and the Decentralization ofthe Food Supply Chain. In Quency’s own words, “Joining eHarvestHub - in a nutshell - justfeels right and good. The ability for us to be a Disruptive Innovator and create a new SocialImpact Economy - with the goal of providing a true quality of life for all involved - is legacy-building. More importantly, we have a very diverse and trusted team - all engaged and all about doing social good.”

While Q. feels that "philanthropy is fun, he's a former athlete that still feels that he's within his athletic prime.  In his spare time, he enjoys sports, music and children.  He's attempting to learn the acoustic guitar, and start his career as an "at-home" astrologer with his new (last Christmas) Celestron Telescope that he still hasn't used. Quency graduated with a Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering degree from Northwestern University

Diego Galeano

Lead Engineer & Full Stack Developer

Is our Lead Engineer and Full Stack developer in charge of our architecture. He is a new technologies enthusiast. Diego is a self-taught person and an electronic learning is his hobby. He is a Linux evangelist and always focuses on style guides' use and coding standards because code consistency is important to him. Diego loves to travel around his country, meet new people and experience the different cultures from within Nicaragua. He loves hiking and play soccer.

Julio García

Mobile Engineer

Is our Android expert and can battle in the IOS realm as well. Graduated with a Computer Science degree from the National University of Engineering of Nicaragua. Passionate about ICT, Julio is self-taught, proactive and constantly keeping updated with the latest technologies, especially in the mobile realm. Not afraid to take a challenge on he is always developing skills to continue professional growth. When you don’t find Julio in front of his screen programing you are certainly to find him engaged in a video game screen or watching a movie. He enjoys sports mainly soccer.

Moisés Aburto

Full Stack & Blockchain Engineer

Is our energetic Full Stack developer based in Managua Nicaragua and is passionate about real-time applications (RTA) and loves technologies that are JavaScript, PHP or C# based. And while technologies grow disproportionately he is always excited to work on new trends in the environment. Moises graduated with a Computer Science degree from the National University of Engineering in Nicaragua. Moises played a major role in the development of our marketplace and is looking forward implementing Blockchain technology to the marketplace. When is not programing you will find Moises playing soccer or hiking.

Danny Narváez

Mobile & Full Stack Engineer

Is our IOS Guru as well as a Full Stack developer based in Managua Nicaragua, he enjoys turning ideas into great products using technology. Danny Graduated with a Computer Science degree from the Universidad Politécnica de Nicaragua. He has worked for some of the best tech companies in Nicaragua like ALFA and CoreSystems before joining eHarvestHub. Danny has overseen developing of eHarvestHaul our transportation app, and is excited about bringing blockchain technology into eHarvestHub’s transportation solutions. In his spare time, Danny enjoys reading and playing sports.

Sergio Velazquez

Full Stack & Blockchain Engineer

Is our Full Stack and go to for Smart Contracts. With eight years developing business applications in the health care, retail, pharmaceutical and the education industries, he has used various languages including Solidity, Javscript, C+, Python and SQL among other languages. Sergio graduated with a Computer Science degree from the National University of Engineering of Nicaragua. He is passionate about technology, construction of software and business intelligence. At eHarvestHub Sergio currently leads our implementation of Blockchain technology. In his spare time, you will find Sergio investing time in his family or reading classic literature particularly XIX Century Russian literature.

Our Advisors

Stephen McNamara

Co-founder Bitnet Technologies
Head of Blockchain R&D at Huawei Technologies

Stephen has played major roles at both startups and established players. He was Chief Software Engineer at e-commerce giant CyberSource when it was acquired by Visa Inc. in 2010, where he later worked as Chief Technology Officer. Along the way, he read the original Bitcoin white paper and became convinced of the digital currency’s enormous potential. He believes that bitcoin has lived up to the possibilities presented in the paper as it allows for the near free and instantaneous transfer of value to anyone without the need for a trusted third party. In 2014, Stephen left Visa to co-found Bitnet Technologies, a bitcoin payments and e-commerce platform. Since Rakuten had invested in Bitnet in 2014, its acquisition of the startup’s IP two years later was a natural development. He is a highly-experienced CTO and entrepreneur with over 25 years in the design, implementation, and deployment of scalable software systems primarily in FinTech and middleware systems. Stephen is a skilled and knowledgeable technical leader who brings enthusiasm, creativity and ideas to whatever he is working on, be that startups or large corporations.

Shafiq Zaman

ICO Advisor

Aged 26, is a young and early riser in the crypto world who has created a reputable profile and discovered the potential of BTC, XRP & ETH long before they shook the whole financial industry. His background includes more than 3 years of experience trading currencies, in both the Forex & Crypto markets. Shaf, has over 5 years of experience in the digital advertising industry. He is CEO and Co-Founder of Crypto Society, analyst with ICObench and Marketing Advisor for LocalCoinSwap ICO. His desire for success in business keeps him busy but this does not stop him from giving back to others. Shaf is a volunteer Area Manager for the Humanity Matters, which works both locally and globally for those in need.

Mark Dawds

Chief Strategy Officer

He is currently the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy for Trov, Inc., The Cloud for Your Things, which is becoming a substantial disruption within the insurance sector around the globe. He is an experienced entrepreneur, leader, negotiator with a love of public speaking. For the past 15 years Mark has been starting, leading and incubating technology start-ups. He Co-Founded a business incubator in British Columbia in the late 90's called Fresh Initiatives birthing a series of successful service companies and agencies. He continued to help launch new initiatives when moving to Toronto by starting a business accelerator CreationStep and co-working facility Indoor Playground. He nurtured the ability to facilitate community between young leaders in a self-managing environment. Through some successes along the way Mark became an early stage angel investor giving some the financial start they needed to get moving to attract larger capital. Mark Co-Founded BandofCoders, a successful software development agency which grew to 120 employees in 3 continents before accepting a management buy-out. He was also the Co-Founder of ServiceCloud which was acquired by Salesforce.com. His original background is in organizational development with executive teams at many of North America’s largest corporations including American Express, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Harper Collins, Royal Bank of Canada, and CIBC. He is happily married and lives with his wife and teenage son and daughter in the Newtownards Ireland Area and is often found enduring the hills on a mountain bike.

Suzy L. Monford

Food Sport International

She is President of the Quality Food CenterDivision at The Kroger Co. She is based at the division office in Bellevue Washingtonand oversee QFC's 65 stores in Washington and Oregon. She is the Founder of Food Sport International and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and President. She served as Chief Executive Officer at Andronico's Market, Inc. since June 2015. Ms. Monford has a background in various food and fitness ventures. She servedas Head of Fresh Product Development at Woolworths Limited since June 2013. She served as the head of innovation for Woolworths Supermarkets in Australia, after spending 10 years as an executive for H-E-B Central Market and H-E-B Grocery Company in Texas. She served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of EZ's Brick Oven & Grill and Cheers Inc. Ms. Monford has served on the executive board of directors for both the San Antonio Mayor's Fitness Council and the YMCA. She's been recognized as a Top Woman in Retail Tech by Retail Info Systems (RIS), Top Woman in Grocery by Progressive Grocer and a Top 25 Technological Disruptor by Supermarket News. She is an internationally-certified group exercise instructor and health coach.

Maria Latuskhin


She is CTO at Narvar and is responsible for leading the company's technology vision and team. Maria joined Navar with over 15 years of experience in e-commerce and retail. Most recently Maria was CTO at Ones King Lane. She was also VP ofTechnology for Peet’s Coffee & Tee where she evolved andexpanded the technology team and she previously spent nine yearsat Walmart.com developing numerous areas in engineering integral to the company's growth and scale in e-commerce. She holds a BS degree in Computer Science from San Francisco State University.

Heather Richman

Independent Consultant
GreenLight Strategies LLC

She is a seasoned corporate development & political strategist with a diverse background on Capitol Hill, in academia, and in the technology and energy sectors. She is Managing Director of GreenLight Strategies, where she works to catalyze the commercialization of technologies build by and for the U.S. Department of Defense. Specifically, she is focused on enterprise-level plug load efficiency, high-speed machine vision for autonomous driving, and big data analytics. Richman co-founded HEVT (highly-efficient electric motors), which won the 2012 Cleantech Open Grand Prize.

Heather previously handled State & Federal Government Relations for Stanford University and served as a member of the Global Policy team for Cisco Systems. Before entering the private sector, Heather spent five years on Capitol Hill overseeing appropriations, budget and tax issues for U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer (NY). Richman currently serves as a Sr. Advisor to the U.S. Navy’s Energy Excelerator and has two young daughters who pride themselves on their ability to make electric motors out of pasta.

Garret Patricio

COO & General Counsel
Westside Produce

As COO and General Counsel of Westside Produce, Garrett oversees finance, operations and administration, including technology and information systems as well as all legal matters related to the company, including regulatory compliance, food safety and food security, water and environmental concerns, contract drafting, negotiation and formation, and sale, leases, and rental agreement review.

Garrett is also an accomplished Attorney/CPA with experience in finance, accounting, corporate compliance, contracts, taxation, businesstransactions, environmental and water concerns. His work experience includesworking at four mayor San Francisco accounting firms and a regional law firm. Garrett earned a Bachelor of Accountancy, Accounting from the University of San Diego and a Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University.

Louie Villarreal

Director of Produce Operations
Mi Pueblo Food Center

He is Director of Produce Operations at Mi Pueblo Food Center. A mid-size grocery chain serving the Hispanic market in California. Louie has more than 20 years of management experience within the grocery service industry. Results- focus and effectual leader with proven ability to improve sales. Able to identify and resolve problems-reverse negative sale trends, controlling cost, maximizing productivity, and delivering multi-million- dollar profit increases.

Felix Maradiaga

Advisory Director
Pioneer Capital Partners

He is a recognized expert in policy and civil society development in Central and South America. His broad experience in public sector reform, social entrepreneurship, and organizational capacity development gives Felix a comprehensive understanding of improving government-to- citizen engagement from the distinct perspectives of government, the business sector, and non-governmental organizations. As a frequent practitioner of applied political economy analysis in the public, private, and non-profit fields, Felix regularly prepares and delivers complex analytical services to better understand the intersection between political will, economic conditions, and pragmatic development solutions. During his tenure as a senior civil servant in the Nicaraguan Ministry of Defense, he contributed to modernizing security sector services to local communities.

His is a former Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense and former Director-General of the Office for follow-up compliance with the Peace Accords in Nicaragua. Through extensive community engagement, he contributed to the Ministries efforts at legislative and policy strengthening, disaster management and humanitarian response, and reintegration of former combatants.

Upon leaving the governmental sphere, Felix founded the Civil Society Leadership Institute, a non-governmental and academic institution aimed at promoting non-violence and social innovation. Through his institute, he worked in strengthening capacities of individual non-governmental organizations through institutional strengthening, leadership coaching, and improved strategic planning and advocacy skills of networks of NGOs to more constructively engage government. In 2012, Mr. Maradiaga was a founding partner with a social impact investment firm, focused on value chain improvement and the regional business enabling environment in Central America, particularly in agriculture and renewable resources. With policy reform, organizational capacity development, and economic growth expertise, Felix applies a range of diverse perspectives to devise comprehensive strategic planning and applied political economic analysis solutions.

He has frequently served as a high-level representative and primary point of contact for diverse external stakeholders, from government, major donors, private sector leaders, to multilateral organizations. Felix has driven innovation in the policy and academic realms, having authored over 40 publications on above-mentioned topics. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Harvard University and a Master of Engineering in Renewable Energies from Universidad de Barcelona (Spain). He lives in Managua, Nicaragua.

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